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Mission, vision, values

Our Mission

Building integrated business solutions based on top-quality services and leading world technologies.

Enabling users of our solutions to improve their business results by concentrating on basic activities and efficacious use of information technologies.

Providing our employees with the possibility to reach their full potential through personal and professional development.

Running a successful company in the environment governed by trust and co-operation, based on knowledge and work as basic values, to the satisfaction of customers, employees and owner.

Our Vision

We want to be renowned regional informatics company with market-recognised ICT solutions, based on top-quality services and leading world technologies.

Our Values


By means of permanent adoption of new knowledge and development of top-grade expertise, Combis has been building integrated business solutions based on leading information technologies.


Work is the only true guarantee of success, by which, in the long run, added value is created for the customer, employee and owner. Each job at Combis should be done according to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the best practice.

Team spirit

By uniting individual characteristics, we achieve much better results than we could achieve as a group of individuals. Combis’ team spirit enables each employee to fulfil his/her full personal and professional potential.

Customer care

All Combis’ activities are focused on our main goal, satisfaction of the customer. Connection with the customer, understanding and meeting his/her needs is a priority of every employee.


Here in Combis, we fulfil our commitments to customers, as well as to each other within the company. We continuously improve quality standards and create reliable solutions for our customers by using renowned world products and by taking personal approach to business.


We perform our daily duties and commitments conscientiously and properly. We attempt to improve our results and work environment by taking a proactive and responsible approach to each individual task.

Open and friendly communication

In Combis, we build stimulating work environment, based on mutual respect and appreciation. In this way, along with achieving satisfaction of customers, employees and owner, in the environment governed by trust and cooperation, we create a successful company. 

Victorious spirit

We want to be the best at what we do. We accept challenges with positive attitude, viewing them as a chance to learn something new and to introduce changes with the purpose of improvement.
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